7 Best Spots to Enjoy Nightlife in Madrid

The enthusiastic lovers of nightlife are always in search of finding the great spots. Here I present some good spots to enjoy your nightlife.

1 – Boat

It is one of the most famous clubs in Madrid, its reputation precedes it and frequent queues to access it on weekends show its popularity Boat deserves. Great acoustics, styles, two rooms and an own musical style make this club a real leader in the area of Malasaña. It is the perfect place to end an evening by the center. It offers good concerts with enough place.

2 – Tupperware

This place is outrageously common but with a pop art sensibility that saves it from having gone too far. Leatherette, photos of Star Wars and other psychedelic decades combined do surprisingly well. There is no music policy. Anything goes, from acid jazz to house or soul.

3 – OHM

While some nights come and go with alarming frequency, OHM has remained intact over the years. In fact, it is a gay disco, but it is very amusing. The result is an environment friendly holiday house and funky tracks are seamlessly mixed by resident DJ Kike Boy and Tetsu.

5 – Unusual Zoe Club

Restaurant, gastroclub and disco, it is all in one. Located where it was the old Keeper, Zoe Unusual Club has it all, including a spectacular and extravagant decor that combines circus atmosphere with the appearance of a secret club of the 20's; have a drink, dance late into the early morning and enjoy a good dinner.

6 – New Garamond

It is a wide club with 1,800 square meters of fun. Thursday begins with warm Latin rhythms with the session 'Rumba', Friday starts with 'I'm Bohemia' very commercial music where guests move to the beat of dance music or the latest sounds in the top 40. It is full of beautiful and glamorous people.

7 – Goya Social Club Madrid

Goya Social Club in Madrid is a classic place to visit. Goya Social Club has been designed, decorated and constructed with the inspiration of the finest clubs across the world. In short, Goya Social Club Madrid has brought the essence of all the best parts in clubs at one spot.

When you are willing to spend great some time to enjoy your drinks chilling out with friends and want to dance on house music and disco numbers, Goya Social Club is your first call. Goya Social Club offers the best in everything from drinks to the sound system. Goya Social Club Madrid has actually redefined the standards of nightlife and club culture.

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